Leading the Way in Trauma Therapy


Part I: Trauma, Loss, and Healing

Chapter 1: How the Past Affects Your Present and Future
Chapter 2: The Fairy Tale Model: A System for Healing and Achievement
Chapter 3: What To Do On Your Own; When and How to Get Help

Part II: Self Assessment

Chapter 4: Goals
Chapter 5: Strengths & Resources
Chapter 6: History's Influence: Thoughts and Feelings
Chapter 7: High Risk Situations
Chapter 8: The Self-Reinforcing Cycle

Part III: Moving Forward, Step By Step

Chapter 9: Building the Fence: Avoiding High Risks
Chapter 10: Personal Training: Self Control Skills
Chapter 11: Slaying the Dragon: Trauma/Loss Resolution Strategies
Chapter 12: Marry the Princess: Hanging In There
Chapter 13: Anticipating Future Challenges to Stay On Track
Chapter 14: Go For It: The Next Step
Chapter 15: Sam's Story, Andrea's Story

Appendix A – The Research
Appendix B – Information and Resources